Current Investments

IntellaEquity  Inc.  NAV updated Monthly, (Last update)  Dec 04, 2018

Investee Description of holdings Fair Value
Sensor Technologies Corp
47,500,000 common shares 19 cents $9,025,000
Sensor Technologies Corp
Debentures, Promissory Notes & Debt instruments $3,021,166.32

Other private Companies & investments

Sensor Technologies Corp

Marcon International, Paragon Blockchain Inc


$12,000,000  royalty of 15% on all future sales of  products & 20% on services  payable until the earlier of

  (i) the 10 year anniversary of the closing of the acquisition of Fox-Tek, and

(ii) the aggregate payment of $12 million.

No fair value


IntellaEquity Inc.
25,661,487 Oustanding Shares

Net Asset Value per share   $0.47